1507 novo milho a ser introduzido na UE

 o primeiro milho a ser aprovado na UE desde 1998?

“The European Council has been deadlocked on authorising any new GM crops, as states who are pro- and anti-GM are evenly divided. But in September the European Court of Justice ruled that the EU had unreasonably delayed a decision on DuPoint Pioneer 1507. The application had been submitted in 2001.”

“If the ministers cannot reach a qualified majority for or against the application, the Commission will be legally bound to accept it.

from. European Voice (http://www.europeanvoice.com/article/2014/february/ministers-to-vote-on-new-gm-cultivation/79616.aspx)



image from Stop the Crop at http://www.stopthecrop.org/



“However, there was no ‘qualified majority’ of weighted member state votes, which take into account a country’s size, for or against the proposal. Germany, which abstained, has by far the largest number of qualified votes. Under the EU’s comitology rules, this will likely force the Commission to authorise the GM crop, DuPont Pioneer 1507.”

also form the European voice (http://www.europeanvoice.com/article/2014/february/eu-likely-to-adopt-new-gm-crop-despite-rejection-by-majority-of-member-states/79629.aspx)

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